‘Golden Hearing’ – Lecture about musicality

Warenar Wassenaar
19:30 doors open | 20:00 start presentation

Expected end time: 21:30

The International Chamber Music Festival Wassenaar opens on Thursday 31 May with an interactive lecture in the Warenar. Music fills and enriches our lives. What is musicality? How do you experience music? Are we all equally musical and how can you measure, train and improve your musicality?

With the Leiden Music Perception Test, dr. ir. Jan de Laat, audiologist in the LUMC, measures in a playful way – on the spot – how sharp your musicality is. Why is hearing impairment a handicap to listen to music and how you can compensate for that, says ENT doctor Evert Rijntjes.

As a bonus you get a taste of the television quiz “Who is the most musical person in the Netherlands?”.

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